Employment Helpdesk Changing Your FutureAt Employment Helpdesk we provide the knowledge, expertise, genuine care and support needed to help you identify, and then communicate your capabilities and potential to decision makers within your chosen work environment. You will be able to access our specially developed, unique and innovative programmes and tools. These take you step by step through the process needed to build and create an authentic appraisal of your current skills, knowledge and experience, for use in a range of settings. Our experience has shown that being the best qualified for a job is often not enough. The key to success is being able to communicate that you are the best person for the job, both on paper and in person.

Take Back Control Of Your Work Life

As a valued client and part of the Employment Helpdesk community, you will learn how to navigate through every stage of the process that will see you working in a role best suited to your interests and skills. With the knowledge we provide and the strategies we recommend, you can take take back control, so to speak, and start planning for a more rewarding future.

Create Your Own Job Opportunities

Together we will conduct a skills audit, build your resume and/or business profile. We show you how to create job opportunities in the areas of your interest and expertise. Together we will discuss all your options. We will show you how to find and contact decision makers, and prepare for job interviews or business meetings. We show you how to make sure that you are the only person to be considered  for an opportunity. This all takes place in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment. Experience shows that our service is most beneficial when our relationship continues. We are people journeying together – our family and yours, every step of the way. Typically we work with organisations, and senior managers wanting to assist their staff affected by organisational restructure and redundancies, to transition to other work or retirement. We also work with jobseekers at all stages of their career.

About Employment Helpdesk

Since opening in 2002 we have prepared more than 2500 job applications.  We have helped over 1000 people with resume development, cover letters, selection criteria,  interview preparation and planning for retirement. We provide specially developed course content that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of users. People leave with a greater sense of confidence in their skills and abilities, and empowerment to face what lies ahead!

Robyn Harrison

Robyn has more than 30 years workplace experience both as an employer, employee, and educator in a range of settings.
She brings over 12 years personal experience in the preparation of business profiles, professional résumés and application letters. Robyn has prepared applications for positions at all levels of local, state and Commonwealth government, the private and corporate sectors.
In consultation with employers and employment agencies she has developed support publications and programmes to assist clients with all aspects of the jobsearch process.

John Harrison

John has over 35 years workplace experience. He has worked in a range of settings requiring practical application of knowledge within areas such as construction, engineering and maintenance. His experience broadens and complements our ability to successfully reflect a range of situations and scenarios.