With a strong focus on including details of your past paid and unpaid work experience in your resume, and rightly so, the question arises of what information you should include if you are looking for a career change, where your past experience really doesn’t relate to the new direction you want to take. You certainly can be considered for a role that is outside your existing experience if you can prove that you have a flexible and teachable attitude, and that you have the physical and mental capacity to do the job.

I have enjoyed watching the latest series of Celebrity Apprentice. During a recent episode my husband and I were discussing some of the personalities and the challenges they’d been given. We remembered back to the original Australian series where Mr Mark Bouris, a successful Sydney entrepreneur, conducted a very public job interview process to employ a Business Development Manager for his new venture Yellow Brick Road.

We recalled the interesting collection of people who made up the final 12 applicants – their strengths, weaknesses and quirkiness, their attitude to life. Each week there were heroes we wanted to win, and villains we wanted to fail. Our judgments were usually made superficially, based on people’s personalities, and their ability to work together with team members to complete the different challenges. The viewing, while in some ways quite staged and theatrical, was always entertaining. Certainly not your average job interview!

A google search helped me find the name of the guy who won that series, and I read with interest some of the articles that were written about him at the time. The consensus was that Andrew Morello was the wrong choice, and that he would not last in the job. At the age of 23, many thought him to be too young for such an important position, with little relevant experience. My next stop was over to LinkedIn where I searched “Morello’s” profile, Interesting to find that almost 6 years later, Andrew is still employed by YBR as the Head of Business Development. So much for not having the necessary skills… The moral of this story is, if you want to do something, just go for it!

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