Business Owners Need A Resume Too

Might seem a strange question… a business owner creates their own job don’t they? Why would they need a resume? Where a jobseeker needs a resume to give to potential employers, a business owner needs a current resume to give to potential clients. Many small business owners are the primary operators within the business, so their resume becomes a vital tool. It will showcase their relevant skills, experience, and capacity to meet the project brief. Potential business partners want to know that you are the right person for their role.

Starting Out As New Business Owners

Earlier this year I prepared a resume and some application letters for a person who had received a redundancy payout. They were applying for work in their field of expertise. By chance, I had to ring them about another matter a couple of months later. They told me that after their applications were unsuccessful, they made the decision, along with a friend and previous colleague, to start a business providing Managed IT Services for small businesses.

Communicate Your Background and Business Capacity

At this particular point I was actively planning to start work on the development of our online resume builder and training services. I looked up his file and had another look at the resume I’d prepared. As I looked at the details of my client’s experience I saw that he had the expertise I was looking for. We met together on a number of occasions. We explored the scope of the project, the best way to move forward, the cost, and started a client relationship that continues today.

Selection of Consultants and Trade Services

As business owners we ask for resumes from people who will potentially become employees. How often ‘though do we ask for resumes from those who provide our consultancy or trade services? This might include but not be limited to IT, social media, finance, business development or safety compliance… While word of mouth recommendation has its place, surely we need to know that we are partnering with the right person for our business. Anything else is risky at best and gambling at it’s worst… Their previous experience, employment history and past achievements will help us assess who is a good match. And with the right expertise and support team around you, your business can go to the next level! 

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