We’re now half way through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s six rules for success… Remember this is the guy who arrived in the US at the aged of 21 with nothing but a dream. Despite his poor English, and a thick European accent, he went on to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world, to serve two terms as Governor of California and to become a highly sought after business and motivational speaker. All this in his second language! Not a bad effort…

His rule #1 is to Trust Yourself, #2 Break The Rules, and #3, Don’t Be Afraid to Fail. This isn’t always easy, especially if the people important to you are less than supportive. Which leads us to rule #4, which is “Don’t Listen to the Naysayers”.

A decision to take action to do something new or different isn’t always welcomed by those around us, and there can be varied reasons for this – reasons that are usually more about them than us… Maybe our aspirations make family and friends feel inadequate or threatened, or maybe our hopes and dreams remind them of a time in their past, when they failed to achieve what they hoped for. Rather than risk the pain and/or embarrassment of failing again they have chosen to live their life in the safe zone. Or having known the pain of failure, perhaps they’re trying to protect you from the heartache they’ve experienced. While it’s an understandable response to want to protect those we love, it has the ability to limit OUR future big time if we let it.

If your friends can’t or won’t support you in your new endeavours, whether that’s a promotion at work, a career change, or new business venture, then you need to get some new friends. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you when the going gets tough, celebrate with you when you kick a goal, so to speak…and help you get where you want to go. Keep the old ones by all means if you want to; just change the conversation you have with them, and make sure they’re not the only people you’re listening to!

Learning is a lifelong process that keeps life interesting and fresh. Ultimately you are the person who is in charge of your destination, so if you have a dream in your heart, whether it is an old dream that needs rekindling, or a new one that is burning red hot, do what you need to do and just go for it. Don’t be limited by the limitations that others put on themselves.

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