Employment Helpdesk provides specialist support for business owners and managers throughout the full business cycle, including recruitment, business development and redundancy processes. Our services include:

Business Profiles

Needed for use during times of expansion and growth. Like a résumé, only for your business, your business profile showcases your business capabilities to potential business/joint venture partners. It will include information about the experience of your key management team and details of past projects and achievements. Your business profile should also provide an overview of your relevant policies, and demonstrate your company’s capacity to complete projects to the required standard. More Information

Personnel Appraisals

Our Corporate Skills Audit is a comprehensive online questionnaire that is suitable for use by large and small organisations. Developed for managers and recruiters, it provides access to information that is vital for making informed HR decisions. Review and assess the relevant skills and aptitude of potential or existing employees. Gain valuable insights into their current capabilities and future potential. More Information

Redundancy Support

We have a range of services that can be used when your business or department needs to be restructured or scaled back, even if only temporarily. This could be in response to ongoing unfavourable trading conditions such as rising interest rates, low consumer confidence, exchange rates, declining markets, and higher costs.

External and Independent Expertise

In many cases an employer can in fact be too close to their workforce. Utilising external and independent expertise results in a better redundancy plan for everyone involved. They are better placed to identify appropriate support pathways for the level, experience and emotional intelligence of your workforce. Our workshops address the needs of your employees, including resume development, job interview preparation, business start-up and retirement planning.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Needs

The first step is to call Robyn and the team at Employment Helpdesk on 1300 30 60 74 or Contact Us to arrange for an initial audit. We will discuss your needs, and organise for a FREE recommendation and quote for targeted business transition and outplacement programmes based on your identified needs. All information discussed will be kept in the strictest confidence – privacy and discretion are assured.

Early Planning Gets Best Results

In our experience, early planning gets the best results! It is by far more beneficial for everyone to have this conversation well before the situation becomes critical. You need someone who can bring an external and independent perspective AND possible solutions.