Getting a job, or changing jobs is never an easy process, especially in an increasingly competitive job market, under pressure from unfavourable trading conditions such as rising interest rates, low consumer confidence, climbing exchange rates, declining markets, and high costs. More and more people are competing for fewer jobs, as governments and employers alike make cuts, and implement more sustainable business practices to maintain long term viability and success.

In this environment, you resume becomes critical. It will position you for either success and fulfilment, or disappointment and frustration. Your Resume Needs to Be Much More Than Just A Job History – it literally becomes YOU!

Your resume is your way of introducing yourself, and showing a potential employer that you not only have the skills and experience that they are looking for, but also that YOU are the person they should be hiring!

Without doubt, you may well be the best qualified person for the job, but Unless YOU Sell Yourself in Your Resume, No One Else Will Do It For You! The opportunity will go to someone else! More than ever it is vital to have the best possible resume or CV, so that you can remain competitive in the job market, and compete on an equal or better basis for what jobs are available.

We have more than 14 years experience in the preparation of Professional Resumes, Job Application Letters, and Cover Letters. We conduct regular Training Workshops, and can also provide an Obligation Free Resume Appraisal