The frame work for our “golden years” has changed in recent years. Retirement is something most people have been looking forward to for many years, in some cases, even from the time the person started working in their first full time job. What it looks like now is very different to how it looked even only one generation ago.

Retirement should be a rewarding and enjoyable time spent with the special people in our life, but can leave people feeling isolated and alone. They can start to feel like spectators, as the lives of those around them continue as if nothing has changed. Without proper preparation and planning, your retirement may not turn out to be what you expect. Many changes take place, and various issues come into play, and not just the financial considerations, of being able to support yourself and maintain the lifestyle of your choosing.

Employment Helpdesk provides a number of services to support older workers to navigate their way to what they want their retirement to look like. Many people now choose to continue to work part time into retirement, so it is important to have a good resume to use when applying for jobs. You need to make sure that it highlights and showcases all that you have to offer a potential employer.

Coming to one of our workshops will help you to prepare yourself for a job interview, or to explore the issues you need to consider as you approach retirement age. This a conversation that you need to start having with the important people in your life, well before it is time to walk out that door for the final time.