Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you’d put in a little extra effort to make sure you were better prepared? Have you forgotten your phone charger when travelling, or taken the wrong clothes on a trip? Have you ever wished you’d been a little more disciplined in sticking to your savings plan so you had money available when you needed to pay for that bill you knew was coming, an unexpected expense or the item you’ve been wanting for months or even years? Perhaps there have been times when you haven’t put the necessary time and effort into preparing for an exam or writing an assignment….

As important as each of the above things seem in the moment, overall they impact our lives for little more than a day or so. While we often tell ourselves that we’ll be better organised next time, the reality is we usually aren’t.

I’m often contacted by people needing their resume either prepared or updated quickly. They’ve seen a job advertised with a short closing date, or have heard personally or via the grapevine that there’s a vacancy that’d suit the type of work they’re looking for…. An existing client rang this week, after hearing about a potential job opportunity in their field of expertise from a friend. She gave me the details of what needed updating, the changes are made, a cover letter was prepared, and the new documents were delivered by COB. She handed her application in the following morning, before anyone else even knew there was a vacancy. As long as her skills and qualifications meet requirements, there’s every probability that she’ll be offered the job.

For those who need me to prepare their resume for them, the whole process takes much longer, by which time that same job will probably have been given to someone else. Preparing your resume well before you need it and always keeping it updated, positions you to be able to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, and places you ahead of everyone else. Make 2016 the year that you get prepared for a future full of new beginnings…

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