How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

Following on from our last topic of mastering job interviews, it is fair to say that any job interview you attend is where the rubber finally hits the road. It is your final opportunity to sell yourself as the best person for the job, and you need to be prepared for it, to give yourself the best chance of performing well. Remember, if you don’t sell yourself, no one else is going to – it all comes down to you.

You can actually be the most experienced and qualified candidate for a position, and yet miss out because of poor interview performance. Preparing yourself is not always easy, especially if you are someone who tends to lack confidence in your abilities. Success comes by knowing how to prepare yourself, and in developing an unshakable belief in yourself as the best person for the job.

Always give specific examples from your work history or voluntary work to demonstrate your skills and abilities, using the STAR system (Situation-Task-Action-Results) to help you construct your answers.. Provide as many examples as time allows, and be as specific as you can, where possible providing details of measurable or independently acknowledged achievements.

You can get clues as to what types of questions you could be asked at the interview from the job advertisement, and jobseekers applying for government jobs actually get some extra clues as to what the selection panel will be looking for. While answering selection criteria as part of your job application is always time consuming, in the long run, the process should actually help you to prepare for your interview, should you make it that far.

The other advice I give is to always go in with your own list of questions. Have you ever considered that a job interview can be just as much an opportunity for YOU to check THEM out, and for you to decide whether YOU want to work for THEM? Prepare yourself with a list of genuine questions that might relate to specific details of the job, projects of interest, career prospects, or the company as a whole. You don’t want to be the one doing all the talking!

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