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Always Ready Resume

Our Always Ready online subscription programme allows our clients to access the files that we have prepared for them, so they can keep them updated and always ready to use. Also included is access our video tutorials, a range of templates, a database of job descriptions and various targeted examples and samples, all of which you are able to access from your laptop, tablet  and smartphone.

$19.50 / month

Your Always Ready Resume Contains The Following Components:

Your Resume and/or Cover Letter File(s):

The files we have already prepared for you will be uploaded for you to use and update as needed. They will remain on our server, and are accessible from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, so you will always ready with an up-to-date resume, to use at a moment’s notice. Print your document or save as pdf to submit electronically.

Cover Letter Templates:

Use our cover letter templates to write your own cover letters. They will remain on our server for your ongoing use, accessible from any compatible device. Print your letter or save it as a pdf to submit electronically.

Video Tutorials: 

Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer is a series of video tutorials that explore what makes a good resume. Running for just over an hour, you will discover what are the key components, and why you should include them.

Regular Newsletter:

A fortnightly newsletter talking all things jobs, employment and lifestyle. For jobseekers of all ages it includes our latest blog, details of content updates, links to relevant articles, training opportunities and special offers.

Job Board Links:

Links to all the major job sites are all in the one place within your account.Make sure you don’t miss any suitable opportunity.

Help Menu:

Our HELP menu offers a range of support services, from FAQ and document checking, to our hotline service, real time reviews and resume rescues. Service guarantee of 48 hours.

Full Service Discounts:

Receive 15% discount when purchasing our full service packages.

Loyalty Rewards:

Register for our FREE customer loyalty programme and receive 4% cashback and shopping point rewards on your subscription, and also when making any purchase from merchants who are part of the Lyoness shopping network, located in 47 countries around the world.

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Pricing: $19.50 per month


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