Corporate Skills Audit 360

Corporate Skills Audit

Our Corporate Skills Audit is a great way to review  your personnel options, and determine if you are either getting the best from your existing staff, or hiring the best person to join your team.  You can not only identify and confirm your employee’s existing skills and fit with your work culture, but also gain valuable insight into their future potential. Receive an authentic and objective appraisal of skills, knowledge and experience, which often creates opportunities for new and rewarding experiences that align more closely with individual strengths and expertise.


Gain Valuable Insights Into Capabilities and Potential

Our Corporate Skills Audit is a comprehensive online questionnaire that is suitable for use by large and small organisations. Developed for managers and recruiters, it provides access to information that is vital for making informed HR decisions. Review and assess the relevant skills and aptitude of potential or existing employees, and gain valuable insights into their current capabilities and future potential to benefit both parties. When used as an integral part of your recruitment processes, the Corporate Skills Audit provides managers the opportunity to:

  1. Introduce an extra layer of independent and objective review and assessment for shortlisted candidates or existing team members
  2. Differentiate between candidates with similar qualifications and experience
  3. Make decisions based on information compiled from established measurable behaviours and external indicators
  4. Identify candidates best suited to working within your organisation’s work culture
  5. Confirm a candidate’s suitability to work in specific roles within your organisation
  6. Avoid making staff appointments that you later regret
  7. Identify scope for internal movement of personnel

Comprehensive Skills Profile

An experienced member of our team will review data within all completed questionnaires and collate findings. Once completed and finalised, you will receive a detailed report, which will contain a comprehensive skills profile outlining in more detail identified key strengths and capabilities. We will also give you details of any additional roles that an employee or potential employee may be well suited to working in, based on their results and findings.

Increase Employee Job Satisfaction and Improve Productivity

With better understanding comes better opportunities, that results in better outcomes for everyone. By identifying and utilising your employees’ strengths however, job satisfaction will improve for staff at all levels. Staff retention, along with general productivity and profitability will improve following any decision to leverage off the skills and expertise already within your team.

Corporate Skills Audit Pricing Options

The Corporate Skills Audit package provides a 10% discount on the price of conducting a regular skills audit for five people purchasing as individuals. To discuss other available pricing options to suit your individual requirements, based on larger volumes, please contact us today!


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