Seven Steps To Successful Job Hunting

This 48 Page manual is an absolute must for jobseekers! It is full of job search strategies THAT WORK, along with invaluable tips to help you prepare for job interviews.


Sections include:

  • The Importance of a Positive Attitude
  • The Importance of a GOOD Résumé
  • Planning Your Job-search Strategy
  • Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
  • Contacting the Decision Makers
  • Preparing Yourself for the Interview
  • Sample Job Interview Questions
  • Making a Positive Impression after the Interview
  • Sample Cover Letters

This manual has been used by jobseekers over the past 15 years in their quest to seek out and become employed in the job of their dreams. Seven Steps to Successful Job Hunting manual is provided in each of our packages, or is available separately as digital downlaod.


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