Your Skills Audit

Skills Audit

Identify your existing skills, and your future potential. Receive an independent, authentic and objective appraisal of your existing skills, knowledge and experience, which when used strategically, will create opportunities for new and rewarding experiences that more closely match your individual strengths and expertise.

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This comprehensive and in-depth online questionnaire has been developed for individuals to identify and communicate their potential. Your Skills Audit identifies individual strengths and aptitudes, and areas of opportunity for new employment options. Jobseekers can make informed decisions about their future, regardless of where they are on the work/career timeline, using Your Skills Audit. It is a vital and integral part of any vocational and career planning. Investing in Your Skills Audit allows you to:

  1. Gain valuable insights into your capabilities
  2. Identify potential career options that you may have not previously considered
  3. Make vocational and career decisions based on information compiled from established measurable behaviours and external indicators
  4. Identify industries and jobs you are best suited to working in
  5. Confirm your suitability to work in specific roles
  6. Increase your own job satisfaction by making better use of your existing skills and expertise
  7. Avoid vocational and career choices that you later regret

Comprehensive Skills Profile

An experienced member of our team will review data within your completed questionnaire and collate findings. When completed and finalised, you will receive a detailed report, which will contain a comprehensive skills profile outlining in more detail your identified key strengths and capabilities. Furthermore, we will advise you of any additional roles we identify that you may be well suited to working in, based on these results and findings.

Increase Employee Job Satisfaction and Improve Productivity

With better understanding comes better opportunities, that result in better outcomes for everyone. After identifying and then utilising your strengths and expertise, your job satisfaction will improve because you are doing what you enjoy and are good at. You will gain a greater sense of general fulfillment and purpose in life when making a contribution to your world.

Your Skills Audit Pricing Options

Your Skills Audit is priced for individual use, but a group discount does apply when purchasing the Corporate Skills Audit for use with up to five people. To discuss other available pricing options for larger volumes better suited to your organisation’s individual requirements, please contact us today!



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