Your Starter Skills Audit

Starter Skills Audit

Start a journey of discovery to identify the skills and potential you may not be aware you have. We will help you to create an authentic and objective appraisal of your skills, knowledge and experience, which when used strategically, will create opportunities for new and rewarding experiences that match more closely with your individual strengths and expertise.

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Online Questionnaire

Complete our online questionnaire was developed for individuals needing to better communicate their potential to the decision makers within their chosen work environment. We help you to identify your individual strengths and aptitudes so that you can make more informed decisions about your future, regardless of where you stand on the work/career timeline. The Starter Skills Audit is a vital tool that should be an integral part of any vocational and career planning. Investing in Your Starter Skills Audit will help you to:

  1. Gain valuable insights into your skills, capabilities and potential
  2. Identify potential career options that you may have not previously considered
  3. Make vocational and career decisions based on measurable behaviors and data
  4. Confirm your suitability to work in specific roles
  5. Create a skills profile to use in your resume
  6. Increase your own job satisfaction by making better use of your existing skills and expertise
  7. More easily avoid vocational and career choices that you later regret

Basic Skills Profile

An experienced member of our team reviews the data provided within your completed questionnaire and will collate findings. Once completed and your review finalised, you receive a report containing a basic skills profile which will outline especially relevant information, including the key strengths and capabilities we identified.

Increase Employee Job Satisfaction and Improve Productivity

With better understanding comes better opportunities, that result in better outcomes for all. When your work involves doing something you enjoy and are good at, your job satisfaction improves. Most of all you will also gain a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in life, as a result of making a contribution to your world.

Your Starter Skills Audit Pricing Options

Your Starter Skills Audit is priced for individual use. Should you need to discuss other available pricing options for larger volumes that are better suited to your organisation’s individual requirements, please contact us today!


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