As a member of Employment Helpdesk’s customer loyalty programme you are able to both SAVE and EARN money on your everyday shopping.

Lyoness Customer Loyalty PartnerThrough our partnership with the global Lyoness shopping community, you are now able to get cashback rewards of up to 5% on your purchases, plus shopping points to spend on special deals and offers from other merchants who are also part of the Lyoness network. This happens not only when you make a purchase, start your subscription, update your resume or ask us to help you apply for another job, but also when you do your everyday shopping for groceries, fuel, alcohol, clothing and even dinner or coffee with your family and friends, in your local area, when on holidays across Australia, and at locations in 46 countries across the world.


How To Join… It’s Totally Free

Either Click Here To Register or fill in and submit the form below – it really is that easy. Once your membership is finalised, we will register your purchase with us. You will receive a text message when this happens. We will also send you your membership card, and more details about what to do next and where to find the other participating merchants. If anyone of your family and friends would also like a card, please contact us so we can arrange it for them.

You no longer need to have a wallet full of loyalty cards – our card can be used in many locations, which means that your cashback rewards will add up, and be paid into your bank account much faster.

More Information

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