Reports from the Bureau of Statistics last week showed that the number of available job vacancies had increased by around 31,000 last month. Great news you might say, but the reality is that next week we’ll probably find there’s another report out saying the exact opposite. So who and what are we supposed to believe? Uncertainties in local and global markets mean that some employers are reluctant to commit to employing permanent staff.

I know of one particular guy who has been trying to find regular work for quite some time. He has good skills, and is outgoing, reliable and hard-working, but he just can’t manage to find work that is regular and ongoing. On Saturday afternoon I was told that his latest job was looking really promising for a permanent appointment, but then by later that night I’d heard that on Friday afternoon he was told that his services were no longer required. A tough call for anyone to deal with, but especially when you have a wife and family to support. So what happened that changed his prospects dramatically?

The reality is, the figures that get bandies around by governments, and in the media from time to time are politically motivated, and do not have a lot to do with the real world for those trying to get work. It’s tough out there, and my guess is, that for various reasons it won’t get any easier.

So what can you, as a jobseeker, do to be able to improve your chances of getting work, and compete on an equal or better footing with everyone else who is applying for the jobs that are out there? Doing your research and being better prepared, by having a good resume and cover letter that stands out from all the others is certainly the starting point that will hopefully lead to that coveted job offer. More next week….

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