Yet again there has been mixed news for local workers in recent times. While some job losses have been spared, for now at least, others have been announced. Some workers are given the option of choosing to terminate their current employment, while others are not so fortunate. The decision is made for them, and sometimes it comes unexpectedly and totally out of the blue.

Losing your job rates in the top 5 of the most stressful events we can experience in life, which is no surprise considering that so much is at stake, including our ability to provide for our families and the lifestyle we enjoy, further career development, and a sense of community and common purpose. Even when there have been rumours of upcoming job losses or site closures, my understanding is that when the news finally comes, it is still a shock. The reality hits home.

While being made redundant leads in an ending, it also creates a new beginning and an opportunity for change. We all respond to change in different ways so ultimately, we are the ones who determine whether the opportunity will have a positive or negative outcome. The payout received obviously gives some breathing space financially, while you explore and consider your options moving forward. For some the new beginning is a new employer within an existing field of expertise, for others the opportunity to use existing skills in a different field, and for still others the new beginning is self-employment.

Regardless of what path you choose, having a good resume is critical, even if you decide to start your own business. Your resume is ‘you” to a potential employer or client, and will either support or sabotage your application and any chance of progressing to the next stage of the selection process. How do you think your resume stacks up? Will it be a help or a hindrance? A higher number of people in the job market with a similar skillset all looking for the same type of work, means that employers are in the box seat. Being well prepared will make the difference needed for creating better opportunities…

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