Welcome to Employment Helpdesk’s new blog…. Each week I’ll be commenting on a range of employment and lifestyle issues, from resumes to job interview preparation, jobsearch strategies, career options, dealing with redundancy and even for those of you approaching the end of your formal working life, preparing for retirement. I’ll also look at some of the simple things you can do to put yourself in the best position to take best advantage of the opportunities that are out there if you know where to look for them.

The topic I want to write on this week is “The Biggest Mistake Jobseekers Make”. I’ve written more than 2000 job applications over the years, and I’ve learnt a thing or two along the way, about what works when you’re trying to get a job. With changing and uncertain economic conditions, and recent job losses across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, banking, and construction, many people are increasingly concerned about their future. Maybe you or someone you know has considered looking for another, more secure job. The difficulty is however, that with more jobseekers and fewer jobs, employers can become much more selective when deciding who to employ. To be successful as a jobseeker, you really do have to become more strategic in your job search, to make sure your application shines.

In my experience, I’ve found that the biggest mistake jobseekers make is not having a good resume. It literally is the first contact a potential employer has with you, and it’s at that point that they decide whether or not they want to meet you in person. There are so many opinions about what resumes should and shouldn’t be. What we have found matters most is making sure that you provide enough information for a potential employer to make an informed decision about your suitability for the job they are trying to fill.

Can I ask you a question as I close? Does your current resume make an employer think “Wow – I just have to meet this person!” If not, and you haven’t had much success applying for jobs, maybe that’s the place to start.

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