Preparing for a job interview can be extremely daunting. No one enjoys facing a panel of strangers who hold your future in their hands, when so much hangs on how well you present yourself, and your ability to keep those unwelcome nerves under control!

Taking the time needed to prepare yourself will always give you the best chance of being offered the job. How you prepare will reflect on your suitability for the position, in both the positive OR the negative! Like me, I’m sure you, or people you know have been to an interview and totally blown it, even though you could have easily done the work. Inevitably, you missed out. Interviewers know and expect that you will be nervous, and will make allowances for that. What is important is how well you recover from a slow and/or uncertain start. If your nerves get the better of you, apologise for them and keep going.

In addition to how well you answer the obvious questions, which I will look at next week, employers are also quietly interested to know if you have made any effort to find out any background information about their company, as this indicates your ability to take initiative and demonstrate attention to detail. This information is generally readily available through the company website or social media profiles, or by talking to someone who already works there.

So why do you need to know about the company you are applying to work for, and how it operates? This information can help you better target your answers to their questions because you know what is important to them. Every applicant is given the same amount of time, so make good use of the time you are given, to find out more detailed information about the position you are applying for, and the possible projects you could be working on, rather than just general information about the company. In my experience, the people who are the most successful always ask lots of questions during their job interviews.

More on job interviews next week…


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